The Fair Labor Standards Act, also known as the FLSA, establishes the minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards that affect employees in the private sector in the United States. It is a federal statute.

The FLSA protects employees that are in the private sector in the United States. It makes sure that their employers are paying them properly. Sometimes, issues arise pertaining to an individual’s compensation and their rate of pay. These issues can often require the assistance of an experienced Tampa FLSA attorney to build an effective claim.

If you believe that you may be missing wages or proper compensation on behalf of your employer, it is important to consult with a Tampa Fair Labor Standards Act attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer in Tampa can help to gather the necessary elements of the case and build an effective claim to help maximize damages. En Español.

Benefits of the Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act makes certain that employers are paying their employees the proper amount of minimum wage, makes sure they are paying them overtime properly, and makes sure that the employers are keeping accurate records. Such benefits can be best explained using a Fair Labor Standards Act attorney in Tampa.

Common Misconceptions

One of the common misconceptions of the Fair Labor Standards Act is that the employees have to pay attorneys to fight for them to get their money back, and that it is very difficult for employees to hire a Tampa FLSA attorney especially if their boss is not paying them properly.

What the Fair Labor Standards Act actually does instead is it has an attorney’s fees and costs provision which means the employer has to pay all of the employee’s attorney’s fees and costs if the employee is successful in a Fair Labor Standards Act case.

One of the other misconceptions is that some employers try to tell employees that it is an 80-hour work week and they do not have to pay them overtime until they break that 80-hour mark, when in reality, if an individual examines the Fair Labor Standards Act, it clearly states that if any employee works more than 40 hours in one week, then that counts as overtime. This is even if they work less than 80 hours over the two-week pay period.

Impact on Employees

The Fair Labor Standards Act affects employees in Tampa in that it protects them from employers that may not be paying them the proper amount of overtime, may not be paying the minimum wage, or may even be misclassifying them as a salaried employee or as a manager when they really should be an hourly employee that is entitled to overtime pay.

Further, whenever the minimum wage goes up in the nation, it is the result of a change to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Every time minimum wage changes, the Fair Labor Standards Act changes. In terms of minimum wage, Florida law mirrors the federal rule. It is not a state statute, it is actually a federal statute, but it is the one that rules in Tampa. Such processes can be best explained using a Tampa FLSA attorney.

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