Clearwater Cruise Control Safety Tips

Cruise control is a great invention for people on long road trips. It eliminates the need to monitor one’s speed and may even save someone gas over long distances. As with all technology however, there are drawbacks to its use.

There are some situations where cruise control should never be used. There are still other situations where cruise control may be used, but only with heightened caution. If you want to know more about the utility of cruise control, and how to use it safely, read about the Clearwater cruise control safety tips below. Contact a skilled car accident lawyer to learn more.

Where Cruise Control Should Not be Used

One of the major Clearwater cruise safety control tips to keep in mind is that cruise control should never be used when in a city. Whether this is a large city with stoplights every block, or a smaller town with many crossroads, the need to suddenly stop becomes much more likely.

While applying the brakes will immediately end cruise control, people using cruise control can often daydream or become distracted. In situations where a sudden stop may be needed to avoid an accident, cruise control is an unnecessary risk.

Cruise control should also not be used on mountainous or winding roads. These roads require both increased concentration and speed changes for safe driving. Cruise control cannot adapt to hills as quickly or precisely as the successful navigation of these types of roads requires.

Weather and Visibility Concerns

Many people have heard the rumor that driving with cruise control in the rain can cause the car to glide, or hydroplane, into an uncontrollable situation. While this is largely untrue, cruise control can decrease overall traction.

Another Clearwater cruise safety control tip to keep in mind is that people should be very cautious when using cruise control in wet conditions and should never use it when traveling over snowy roads.

Also, it is important for individuals to be very careful in situations where they cannot see very far into the distance. Roads with many curves or hills decrease the distance ahead that someone can see and sudden traffic snarls can require quick braking. Since cruise control tends to place drivers into a state of road hypnosis, it is important for people to be sure that they can see ahead of themselves for some distance before activating the system.

Stay Alert

In short, cruise control is a great tool for driving on interstates and boulevards with good visibility in decent weather. However, it is not advised to use this system when driving in town, anywhere with reduced visibility or when a sudden stop may be needed.

But, by being aware of one’s surroundings and knowing the nuances of the road one is on, cruise control can make a person’s drive much easier and even save them money on gas. Observing Clearwater cruise control safety tips is just one of the preventative measures you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. Contact an attorney to learn more.

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