Where Theres Fire There May Be Negligence

Fire has the ability to provide both heat and light, but it can also prove to be very dangerous. As children, we are taught at great length about the importance of properly handling and using fire, so most people tend to exercise tremendous caution around flame and heat sources. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to insulate you from the negligence of a property owner or manufacturer whose product is directly responsible for causing a fire.

In cases where a fire is attributable to the negligence of another party, it may be in your best interest to consider filing a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation. If successful, you may obtain a monetary award to help with the costs of medical care and other damages associated with the fire. Contact the Clearwater personal injury lawyers of Tragos & Sartes, P.L., at 727-441-9030 to learn more.

Potential Causes of Fire

One of the reasons that fire has such a great capacity for devastation is that it can spread so quickly. A single spark, under some conditions, can ignite a blaze that consumes an entire structure and may threaten the surrounding area as well. Burn injuries, smoke inhalation, and physical trauma caused by the collapse of an unstable building are just a few of the likely consequences if you should be at the site of a fire. Potential causes attributable to negligence may include:

  • Negligent maintenance of electrical wiring
  • Failure to turn off gas sources
  • Defective appliances
  • Tipped candles
  • Falling asleep while smoking
  • Cooking errors

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