Need For Speed Raises Motorcyclist Death Rates

Need For Speed Raises Motorcyclist Death Rates

The demand for lighter and faster vehicles continues to grow as motorcycles become more popular with the 20-something crowd. According to the Insurance Institute, registration for motorcycles has increased more than 50 percent from 2000-2005. The average motorcycle purchased in Florida ranges in price from $2,500 to around $12,000 and regulations state that motorcycles should not be able to achieve speeds greater than 186 mph. This does not, however, mean that some 20-somethings haven’t tried to break the speed restrictions. Excessive speeding has been the leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Florida for many years. According to official Florida statistics, motor cycle deaths have increased from 164 deaths in 1997 to 521 deaths in 2006. Additional Florida statistics that have been recently released point to even more deaths in 2007 than in 2006. Clearly, the need for speed is killing motorcyclists at an alarming rate.

Some argue that the 20-somethings operating these vehicles are not mature enough or experienced enough on the road to handle the responsibility of a fast paced motorcycle. The laws in Florida only require a person who is 21 years old or older to pass a written and skills test in order to receive a motorcycle endorsement. Only riders under 21 are required to complete a training course before they can receive the endorsement.

Recently in Pinellas County, two men died after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Craig Hales, 22, was riding on his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle when it collided with a SUV with a great enough force to cause the SUV to flip. Both Hales and the driver of the SUV died from injuries caused by the wreck. Later that same week, Lawrence Kwiatkowski, 29, collided with a pickup truck while riding his Yamaha R1-1000 in Clearwater. Lawrence died from his injuries. In the past month, three additional motorcyclists have died from similar accidents.

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