Peter Tragos Attends Countryside High School Speakers Program

The Law Day High School Speakers Program invites prestigious attorneys and legal professionals from all around Clearwater, Florida to speak to high school students interested in becoming lawyers, paralegals, judges, and more. Attorney Peter Tragos of the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos volunteered to speak at Countryside High School on April 19th, 2016; this marks the second time he has participated in this enlightening and educational program, having also volunteered in 2014.

This year’s theme was “Miranda: More Than Words” and was focused on Fifth Amendment rights and the true importance of a defense attorney’s duty to always do all they can to uphold the rights of their clients, regardless of the criminal charges they are facing. Although Peter is a renowned Clearwater personal injury lawyer today, he actually achieved numerous successes for criminal trials while he worked for the Sixth Circuit State Attorney’s Office. This unique experience taught him much about the criminal trial process and the often-unseen sides of the law – insight that he passed along to the students of Countryside High School.

Attorney Peter Tragos gave seminars to two groups, and would like to extend his thanks to Ms. Suzanne Hill, who was the teacher of the students in attendance. Our law firm would also like to thank and congratulate everyone who helps make the Law Day High School Speakers Program possible. It truly is a pleasure to participate in and a benefit to the inquiring minds of young students thinking of getting into a legal career.

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