Peter L. Tragos Selected to the Nation’s Top One Percent List

Attorney Peter Tragos has been welcomed to the 2015 list of the Nation’s Top One Percent lawyers. This attribution has been awarded him by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. The organization’s goal is to promote attorneys who excel in their field of law, manifest the ideals of the Florida Bar, and act as examples for other attorneys, both future and present. The NADC aims to find those who display exceptional abilities and only select attorneys who exhibit the highest standards of excellence are chosen.

Legal advocates who are listed as the Nation’s Top One Percent have been closely scrutinized by the NADC in regard to their devotion to clients and effectiveness in representation. As a member of the list, Peter Tragos passed the four stages with flying colors:

  1. Choosing of candidates by nomination or in-house search
  2. Vetting by the NADC research team
  3. Assessment by the blue ribbon panel of attorneys
  4. Selection by the judicial review board

Reputation of Excellence in Advocating for Clients

Peter Tragos is known for his complete devotion to his clients. Not many attorneys make it onto the Nation’s Top One Percent list, but when it came to Peter Tragos, there was no question as to his worthiness.

With acceptance into the NADC, Peter Tragos continues to make known his keen abilities in personal injury law. He is an award-winning lawyer with a 10.0 Superb Avvo® Rating. He is frequently chosen to speak at various seminars and functions on personal injury matters based on his solid grasp of personal injury law and ability to handle complex cases.

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